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The primary purpose of an IATA Israel Overseas Passport is to facilitate movement between Israel and another destination. Every year, thousands of people move between the two countries for work or pleasure. Passengers can use the Israel Passport to obtain a green card, and then apply for an Israeli Passport Card upon arrival in Israel. Only Israeli citizens are permitted to apply for a passport. All other visitors (Israelis, foreigners, and residents of other states) are required to fill out the Israel Inbound passenger statement.

This form is available at many Passport Offices throughout the world. You can ask your travel agent or IATA representative for a more specific form. They will be able to help you find the form that meets your needs. Israeli authorities require three items of information in order to complete this form. These include name, passport number, and country of birth.

Passengers who do not provide all three items are required to present a voided application form. If they fail to do so, their application will be returned to them along with a negative result. A positive result means the applicant was permitted to apply for a passport. If the applicant submits a voided form, they will be given a "U". This means that their application will be denied by the health authorities.

Visitors who pass the "U" also have the option of presenting a form called the "H." Applicants with a "U" must contact their closest branches to obtain this form. It contains the same information that the "U" form. It contains the same information as the "U" and will result in a negative result. The visitor will not be permitted to apply for a passport. The last name of the applicant is often incorrectly entered into the system during a previous application.

Israel Inbound Passenger Statement requires detailed information about past travel and employment. Health authorities check these areas when performing a background check. These forms do not include the "H". Passengers may also be asked to provide information regarding their religion. This is common for people who require a religious conversion.

An applicant's ability to understand and speak English is a major factor in obtaining an "H." An "H" alone is usually not accepted. Applicants with a "U" will receive a negative result. No other results will be given if the applicant's language skills are below an acceptable level.